Best of the Bluegrass

Best of the Bluegrass (BOB’s) are awards that are designed to recognize outstanding individuals, programs, and activities going on in your campus communities. BOB’s are submitted by a google form and due on the 10th of each month for the previous month. Bidding is a process of recognition designed to award a school, chapter, or individual over a longer period of time. These bids illustrate accomplishments and impact in greater detail than BOB’s. Bids will be voted on at the annual KARH conference by the recognition representative (NRHH reps).


 Each month, KARH recognizes the outstanding students, organizations, and programs during that month. Nominations for each award are submitted by schools/organizations and are voted upon by the NRHH Representatives at KARH member institutions. At institutions without an NRHH chapter, the NCC serves as the institution’s voting representative.

To submit a Best of the Bluegrass nomination, click on the form found here –

Category descriptions can be found at

Any questions about Best of the Bluegrass awards can be directed to the Associate Director for Recognition at or the Recognition Advisor at