** Any school interested in affiliating with KARH for the remainder of the 2017-2018 affiliation year may do so at a prorated affiliation dues payment of $25.00 **

Per the KARH Constitution, any Kentucky college or university may affiliate with KARH if that school contains “an on-campus student residential population that includes a representative student organization, an honorary or recognition student organization or organization chapter, and/or live-in student staff” (Article III, Section 2). Furthermore, any college or university outside of Kentucky may also request to affiliate with KARH by petitioning the State Board of Directors.

Annual affiliation with KARH starts at the annual KARH State Business Conference, usually in October, and runs until the following year’s KARH State Business Conference.

To affiliate with KARH, a school should complete the following:

Any questions about affiliation can be directed to the KARH Director, karhdirector@gmail.com, or the KARH Advisor, karhadvisor@gmail.com.